Saturday, 27 December 2008

The return?..

Well, just briefly.

We're still at The Union, its all going well (as far as we know) and we're getting work out there, cracking briefs and scoring extra business.

Its great fun. We love it. Bring on 2009.

Friday, 5 September 2008

The suspense....

From the comments, you all seem to want to know where we're going...

For the month of November we will be residing in The Union, Edinburgh.

Set in an amazing building, with talented people within and work of great quality, we are really looking forward to working with the people at The Union.

For those who may not be familiar with them...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The zoo...

We went to the zoo... fun!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The congratulations...

Well we've given ourselves a pat on the back.

You may have noticed a lack of updates over the last few weeks. Thats what hard work does to you!

We had a trip, and a few meetings and we were given a fantastic oppurtunity to prove ourselves. Have fun. Yep you heard it.

So we had fun pushed that direction into our book and the reward came. WE HAVE A PLACEMENT! Its not for a little while but thats ok, its letting us relax a bit more in the safe knowledge that we are going somewhere.

For the first time in our work, our strategies were apparently stronger than our executions. It used to be the other way round! Great!

It was quite a strange day. 1st meeting: very good and positive feedback but they are doing some changes in the next few months and we might be involved.
2nd Meeting: OK more advice but next time we go we'll see the CD
3rd Meeting: Started quite strange, they said we had the basics but needed to inject some fun into our work. But told if we make changes we'll get a placement. We did (It was a bloody fun weekend)

So we'll keep you informed. Another trip next week. Fun Fun Fun!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Peter Saville Sportswear...

I recieved a pair of trainers today and theyre a few years old but thankfully are only going to be worn by me in their lifetime! The reason I'm putting them on here is because they've been designed by Peter Saville.

He recieved the brief and of course, thinking differently and thinking simply, Peter Saville went back to basics and got rid of all the adidas branding and added some quirky, intriguing comments on the laces. With the trainers they gave you 5 different pairs of laces and the brief that Saville had to work from.

Here he is talking about them. (He mentions his friend Malcolm Garett in the video, he was our external examiner on our degree!)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The clash...

Ok, In trying to be environmentally friendly British Gas thought they would send out four free lightbulbs to all their customers (yay free stuff!) We wont mention their catastophic prices though...

Anyway... the other day we got one of those post office 'come and get your parcel' notes. I hadn't ordered anything and my mum couldn't think of anything they ordered so we were rather curious. Then the post person turned up again on the off chance that we had come back. We had.

And it was the lightbulbs. So the 'energy saving' lightbulbs that we were given for free were too big to fit through the letter box and would have required us to drive down to the post office collection center wasting petrol and emitting CO2 into the atmosphere....

p.s haven't a clue who the people are in the was the only picture available!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The stella stuff...

With the resigning of Stella, I thought I would post this that Direct Daily wrote about.

Australia wanted to push the sales of Stella to more Bars and restaurants and instead of sending a few brochures they thought a free PSP would be more productive....

Of course it was full of selling material and the wi-fi allowed up-to-date information, but I think it might have spent more time in use for playing games on rather than selling beer.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Amiga Advertising...

I was cleaning out some things in the loft last night and found the Old Amiga still up there. Generations of computers have gone by since then, all the way back in 1990.

After the recent release of the ipint from BMB for the iphone/itouch I was quite amused that advertising had sneaked in there. Then when I came across the Amiga last night I suddenly remebered that advertising as a main part of a game had been going on since the Amiga!

Pushover: A small ant arranging coloured tiles in order for them to fall smoothly for him to pass onto the next level. I have no idea what this had to do with crisps but Curly (the big dog character) featured in the opening sequence and as I vaguely remember you picked up packets of Quavers along the way!

Cool Spot: Now I remember this mostly for Virgin advertising but it was actually promoting 7up.
The little red spot running all over levels picking up more spots!

What made me think however, is that advertising doesn't happen like this in more modern games!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The return...

Scamps back! Apparently he got closed down because people started talking about sex with midgets. Mystery solved!

The Powerade visuals (revised)...

Well following the theme of things missing today... Scamps blog going missing, Calvin Klein ads being banned and now these beautifully shot Powerade visuals from Mother.

Powerade is the official sponsor of the bejing olympics and even though I don't know what the strategy is yet you can almost tell what it will be just from the visuals.