Monday, 31 March 2008

The demise of murphy....

This is Murphy, well actually its the death of murphy and its one of many.

Murphy is a chicken heavily involved in dying for our Nandos campaign. Whilst in London we had a stoke of Nick Park and ended up buying Play-doh from Harrods to make Murphy...

Here's one of the results.....


The blue brigade.....

This is from one of our other campaigns, Namely Salt and Shake with the concept of "a little bit of blue". This is one of the less controversial pieces from the campaign....

The work...

This is a Toyota IQ campaign were working on, The concept is 'Intelligent driving' and its featuring a few games as a starting point and then the TV ads will be a team based thing of the 'twister' colours seeing teams of six cars going round the busiest cities doing strange stunts to make their way through traffic.

This video gave the inspiration...


And this is one of the print ads... constructive comments greatly appreciated.

Also as a little promo piece we are creating a magnet set for fridge games....

Sunday, 30 March 2008

The funniest thing ive seen all weekend...

Being a student in Manchester, One of us lives in fallowfield (a small village that has been completely taken over by students) and one of our local shops is a small tescos... i'll never look at it the same way again! ( i know these are a bit long but bear with it)


Seriously though, this is called flash mobbing and in this case the silent rave. As you can see from the video lots of people come together in a very random place, all select a pre-downloaded playlist from thier ipod and have a rave in well...silence. This time students in Manc chose a tesco local for this event but it has been done in other places on a much grander scale eg. London Victoria Station....


Could this tactic be used in a guerilla ad? could masses of people all taking over a certain place at a certain time with the same interest in common cause such a stir in tune with a related product in mind? Ipods..Music CD's Ive also read about mass running where people just start chasing people or just suddenly start acting like zombies for no apparent reason.
These events usually start on facebook and with brands having their own facebook pages these days it wouldn't be strange to see them try this.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

The consumers point of view....

Well, talking to Clare (Rachels sister) Some intersting points came up over the latest Ford ads. Whereas some people have branded the Car Instrument ads a mushed together version of Hondas Cog and Choir and weren't keen on it (see brand republic for comments) my sister says she liked it and if she likes it then it means that shes impressed by the brand therefore brand likeabilty goes up, and shes more likely to look at a Ford when thinking about a new car.

But she also did say that she liked Honda's Cog alot more so work that one out.

The second look...

Rachel: Well ive been re-watching the trucks and I admit, maybe I was a bit harsh. It is a good ad. It is nice to watch. But what I will maintain is that I dont think its as good as gorilla, balls, paint or bunnies.

I think my expectations were a little high, but when you hear theres going to be a new advert by the guy whos been stunning the ad world, Do you blame me?

Friday, 28 March 2008

The trucking disappointment...


Well there you go everyone, the ad we've all been dying to watch and as you can probably guess from my title, I'm not exactly in love with it...

Dont get me wrong, the productions good I like the song, I like the timing (the lightning as the start gun.) and I like the characters that he presents, but it just doesnt excite me and no the smile didn't really appear on my face like it did with gorilla. It just didn't surprise me. Sorry.

For all the fun and games... head over to

Oh someone on another blog mentioned where he gets his ideas from... well from this it looks like a mix between a delayed flight (that point where you stare out onto the runway cos theres nothing else to do.), Pixar's Cars and the airport terrorism bit from Casino Royale!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

The excitement!...

Well Debbie and I have just signed up to portfolio night. Many thanks to Jai and Wal for the heads up on this event it looks like a good one!

The announcement!....

For all those who are eagerly awaiting Fallons new cadburys ad (u know u are!) Brand Republic have announced the times...

in the 7.25pm ad break of Grand Designs Channel 4, and During ER after that.
Its also being shown on channel five during CSI: NY

Know at least i dont have to watch three tv's simultaneously just to catch it!

We tried to get the transmission times from Fallons John and Chris but they said they didnt know....

The wish...

Something I really wish that MSN would get onto is something that tells you that the email you sent, has been read or not. Just a thing at the side of the email on the inbox that says read or not read.

It would really stop me wondering whether our emails are being ignored or just not been received as yet.....

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The evolution?...

The best ads of the last few years (eg cog, drumming gorilla, balls) have all been epic, and almost none existent on the verbal front. Advertising has become something to watch, something to concentrate on. Were not being told about products anymore, we are expected to figure it out ourselves and even more, the adverts don't even feature the products anymore.

The way that Fallon's new advert has been hyped (it may just be adland but if the guardian are telling the nation its big....) Its becoming more of an event than most of saturday nights telly.

Is the world of advertising turning into the world of events? Its not sell sell sell anymore, its watch watch watch. And in a way it does make sense, if people like watching whats on the adverts then it causes a stir, drumming gorilla as the proof the day after that aired it was being talked about in every office, every playground and viewed on every webpage possible. and cadburys sales showed the result.

But its not just the modern day 'viewing' adverts that were a success. Nescafe and Renault clio, had real viewing potential and drew in millions of viewers for the last intallments of the soap style campaigns.

When people talk about their favourite ads, no one mentions the ones that are all talk and no fun. To remember the ad and remember the brand the ad needs to become more watchable, which inevitably I can see turning into mini films, well i'd say we're almost there already. As creatives we are going to have to turn into film producers? Don't get me wrong I love the ads at the moment but the way the industries going it feels like theres a turn in the road of selling via TV/cinema.

The definition of dedication....

You'd think that 3rd year students only two months away from finishing their degree would spend every waking moment trying to do work wouldn't you? 

Well we are. But were not too sure where everyone else is.......  

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The completion!..

Finally finished the write up of our first london crit week. If your interested scroll down and have a read.

Monday, 24 March 2008

The ads like no other...

Holy shit theyre at it again... (click at your own peril...)

Its official. Fallon are off their nut.




The beat down and the balloon....

Just found this on adsurds blog. wow.


And from Nitmesh...


the deja vu...

Anyone notice anything similar?


Yep its rather similar to renaults 'everything is sport' ad, actually because i wasn't paying attention to begin with I thought it was an internet format of Renault. Thing is this is rather nice, better than renaults as it doesnt put the thought of bashed up pieces of cars going in your car...

however it does slighty resemble audis beep beep ad... did ford have an ad similar to renaults and panic causing them to release the hunk of junk that was car part instruments?

The filth of it...

I feel disgusting, filthy, crude and grimey. No its not to do with my feet (although they are bad I know) but adverts. One of our briefs (using that word makes it feel even more dirty...) has called for two girls to get down and dirty, were using sex to sell a product. Even worse we're using porn.

I, being the copywriter has taken it upon myself to write the Radio script. Im shocked and apalled at how many filthy terms and innuendos I actually know! Dont get me wrong the ads quite funny, it will probably get drivers and listeners red in the face hearing the first two lines. But anyway thats not the point.

I feel like eating soap right now.

That plus the revelation this week, that Adeles seemingly innocent chart topper, chasing pavements is actually about rimming makes this one hell of a filthy start to the week.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

The cheek of supermarkets...

How do they get away with it?

It suddenly hit me watching yet another 'we're better than you' supermaket ad. They break sooooo many rules and im sure that you weren't allowed to do half of this stuff when I was younger....

  • They slag each other off. CONSTANTLY. Asda says it directly according to blah blah blah we have fifty gazillion prices lower that Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys (apparently) they might as well have someone pullin a raspberry at the end of it goin nah nah nah nah nah. Tesco have a price checker to see whos the cheapest before you go shopping... but obviously if your on tescos website isnt it because you shop at tesco?
  • They advertsise certain products... this is cheap in our store and this is cheap in ours, well its all fair and good for the customers but wont other brands get a bit peeved that their competitors are getting extra tv time? are supermarkets going to start getting sponsored by certain brands that want to be featured in their ads? I think it was tesco that's done the BOGOF trolley ad at the moment.... walkers crisps are mentioned heavily, now people are gonna head straight for them cos they know theyre on offer. Its gonna end up with sneaky backhanders and ass kissing all over the aisles...
  • This i cant believe... theyre basically promoting binge drinking AND getting away with it! "come buy our lovely cheap crates of beer get absolutle ratted at home before you go out and dont get hit by the nasty charges on single pints of ale when you get in the pub" is sneakily disguised as "Two crates for £10"

I know its a very random thing for me to rant about but I remember when there was any who-ha about slagging off another brand in an ad, thats why they do the whole "other leading brand" thing in comparison ads isn't it?

The easter pun...

Well here i am again, late night posting... how sad am I? anyways heres the bad easter joke for the year... I'm cracking a brief.

Lol well im trying to anyway, thing is i think im on to a good idea here but with the new cadburys ad coming out on the 28th, and apparently its about trucks having fun. I'm working on a toyota idea and i'm holding my breath and if the ideas the same (probably not but with me you never know) i may tear some hair out.

You see, me and Debbie have a worrying habit.... we keep coming up with ads that have either been done, but not to our knowledge, or our idea appears in another form about a week after we come up with it eg. we did an alotment brief we came up with a statement :alotmentality. a week later what did honda post on their website.... hondamentaltity. yeah yeah your probablity saying its a coincidence but it keeps happening....

Anyways roll on the 29th cos i wanna know if i can do my idea without it looking 'copied'!

Friday, 21 March 2008

The guy we should all admire...

God bless Banksy. The celeb that isnt. His work says what every one else wants to say whilst shoving two fingers up at the muppets in charge of this world. The majority of people love his work and yet he doesn't want anything in return. Well he can graffiti my wall any time.

UPDATE: when we went to London there was a small Banksy exhibition in the Andipa gallery so here are some pics:

The realisation...

Well pisspoorenglish pointed it out... we have yet to publish any of our work on here... well I was hoping to get London out of the way but im lagging behind with writing it... anyways we started our new take on the Nandos brief, it didn't get many good reviews at the crits and they said we should take it further so we have and we thought we'd try and keep the agencies interested (I havent sent them the blog adress yet..) so this is the teaser to the new nandos brief that was sent out to all the teams we saw in London.


I know we should post some of the work we took on Crit week but to be honest we dont think its good enough anymore... when we've done the new stuff, we'll put it up for the vote...

the scary thing about creme eggs...

OMG! got slightly obsessed by the site and strolled onto one of their which egg are you? questionaires and I don't know if its lack of sleep but it has just summed up my life. Perfectly..... I'm slightly scared and think that I should leave the eggs alone now...

p.s it says.... Loose cannon: do you ever find that after dating someone for say, two weeks, that they just stop calling you? and this happens pretty much every time you start a new relationship? Well thats because you're erratic, unhinged (yep definately me.) and unpredictable. And that makes people uncomfortable. Luckily you're an egg so you dont have to worry about it. Happy gooing!

Im reading wayyy too much into this aren't I?

Thursday, 20 March 2008

the trauma of not being able to sleep....

Its quarter to 12. Ive got to be in work tomoz (even though its good friday) and once again I cant sleep (that'll teach me for having a long lie in this mornin). Anyways i'm working on a new brief, this is news for Debbie lol we've been trying to find something new to work on for our book so i'm tryin a few things out. Just remembered that if tomorrow is good friday then officially according to the guy upstairs's rules, I cant eat meat tomorrow (which limits my food intake to pasta, baked beans and bread. Baked beans on toast for tea tomoz anyone?) but then again im not really very religious.... lol im just starting to understand what my lecturer once said to us about drugs, drink and sleep deprevation...

Anywho. The 'new' brief im working on is...(drumroll) a transparent toaster. yes you heard me right. Brand new, not even been comercially produced but someone thought of it and if someone thought of the product then we should be able to advertise it. Has some nice 'visual' qualities to the ideas im coming up with so far but I'll have to bang heads with Debbie and see what she thinks.

The break from London stuff...

I think everyones seen these creme egg ads flying about.... This is the finale and i think its a great end to a campaign, question is... what will we see next year?

video video

Monday, 17 March 2008

The beginning (again)...

Well, thats it. Crit week officially over and basically most of our book out the window. But to be honest we dont mind. Already we've got better ideas and things we want to do, bigger and better than before and that I promise. The rule book is going out the window. If i said chickens and porn to you, some very wrong things would be going through your mind, but hey were students.... we can do anything.

Crit week 2 is coming in april and im really looking forward to it. lots of hard work ahead someone pass me a layout pad.

The one that cancelled...

Once again sat in a coffee shop waiting for another crit, we'd found the building but to be honest it wasn't hard to miss! (see below!) But half way through my hot chocolate, a phone call....

RKCR Y&R had too much on, and they had to cancel, but its ok as we'll see them next time and to be honest, we knew what they were going to say. (Yes that is a harrods bag in the background and no, i'm not gonna tell you what's in it... but all will be revealed soon...)

Tis a shame tho, the guy we were going to talk to, Jo Finch, He and his partner created one of our favourite ads Bacardi Mix. We'll get ya next time.


The deja vu moment....

Back to saatchi and saatchi for the third time, and Brians ready to see us.
Hes quick straight to the point and shows us a few things we hadnt seen before...

  • Blockbuster needs to referenced to films
  • campaigns need to be bigger
  • Poster ads come first
  • Belu he hates, confusing and doesnt make much sense. we start to see flaws in that ad....
  • He likes Euromillions, causing controversy this one, its just like marmite!
  • We need to push ourselves and buy a huge shovel cos we need to dig dig and dig further.
  • He likes the thinking behind blockbuster.
  • Helen Bamber needs explaining, it doesnt say enough.
  • Nandos is fun but needs more, it needs expanding.
  • TV needs to be simple, speak for itself.

    He told it like it was. we liked that.

The chance that paid off.....

Wandering back from Isobel we found TBWA, not that it was hidden or anything we just didnt think it was that close!

we knew we were gonna be around so we thought we'd try our luck and pop in. Well the receptionist's doubt was obvious but they rang and surprisingly enough we were in luck!

we were sent up to the third floor to meet Theo....

Art diector in his team, he said that our book was better than most he had seen in the past (confidence boost) but overall what was lacking was the BIG campaign (surprise surprise)

  • we need to cut down on our storyboards, weve got too many. Saying that though he did like most of them.
  • He liked the samaritans tv spot but not the print campaign.
  • Blockbuster concept is cool, but the visuals need to be pushed, more extreme.
  • Charity ads like Helen Bamber are too worthy and need to be amazing to go in the book.
  • Its good to have award winning stuff in our book but if it doesnt show how good you are creatively, leave it out.
  • He likes Nandos (another Marmite ad) but needs expanding.
  • Belu was sweet but doesnt totally get it but the visuals are good and the drips ideas good also.
  • We need to get our website up and running!
  • Euromillions was the least favourite on this visit. We need brands that havent had good ads made, we need to prove ourselves. But he said our book was overall solid. Not amazing but solid.

The coolest office....

Well the title speaks for itself.... we had BBH first this morning and we've walked past this office so many times before and this time were going in. when the lift doors open, jaw dropping moment ain't in it. a huge office with glass and smooth surfaces everywhere, its stunning we would have taken photos but it seemed a bit silly to be stood in the middle of the agency taking photos.

Any who, we were met by Jon and we went for our crit, Jon was a very down to earth guy, he said he'd been in the states for a while and i wished we'd asked a bit more about it but never mind....

He said:

  • our books over complicated it needs to be alot simpler ideas and presentation.
  • Samaritans is only scratching the surface, it needs more work. However he thinks that samaritans might not be the best brand for the idea.
  • Blockbusters is great, something made up is great in a book, but the ideas need to be presented in a better way. But a great brand to use, as its losing to the internet revolution of downloading it needs a bit of a boost.
  • Halifax.....BORING (its going, going, gone.)
  • Nandos is a great product for a brief, but our best bit is the last two frames (talking about killing the chickens, brain starts whiring)
  • Belu is too complicated and cadburys is too big a brand and too high profile atm to think of doing. But peace and cadburys is a good thought.
  • Euro millions is a nice simple idea. Line isnt the best but the use of media is great. The posters good be cleverer and it needs a bit more focus
  • But he said overall we should be having fun!!!!

The book crit that wasnt....

Isobel, we didnt really know what to expect all we knew is that it was at the end of what felt like the longest road in London! but anyway once we were inside and were in the weirdest lift id seen in ages (bright sunflower wallpaper and fun house mirror) we knew it was going to be good.

The office was nice and warm (very cold outside) and the books full of isobels making were good to look at.

Rob was such a interesting person, and he didn't really talk about our book (thats good though cos we'd probably heard it all before), it was just about advertising in general. The big idea was mentioned alot and doing what we want to do and having fun with what were given was also a favourite point but we talked about what was good what was bad what the future holds and where we want to be, the conversation was good and we went away feeling inspired and good about what we want to do and where we want to be.

So it was more a talk than a crit but it was one of the best of the week.

The agency with the wii!..

Just like Fallon (we visited a while ago, no crit just visit.) Glue seem to have two offices and we have to say that we like the one we visited. We had to laugh, someone had some fun when naming the buildings round liverpool St station. The Tea and Buiscuit buildings? its obvious why advertising agencies ended up there! And the building was just as good on the inside, big and industrial with goods lifts and hard decoration. We had high hopes for Glue and they didnt let us down although we did feel rather guilty at chucking some creatives out of the meeting room.... sorry. Debbie noticed the Wii in the corner, im thinking it might not be a good agency to get a job with, she'd be on that all day hehe.

But James and Darren. Nice lads, they thought they were harsh but after Lauren and Poppy, they werent close.

  • They said we understood the basics which was nice to see but we were acting to much for the client and not for the job which we had heard oh only about 10 times b4 but thats ok, we'd have been scared if they'd said anything different!
  • Think more about the technicalities of Blockbuster Lucky Dip but otherwise a good idea, and they liked the simple visuals. Inventive stuff should be kept at the back of our book in future, stick to the real stuff at the front. Change the layout of the visuals. He said that the line was the clearest in the book.
  • Sams big ears already been done (damn it!!! but never mind)
  • Halifax is nice but not new.
  • Nandos isn't edgy enough and its more tv than viral (first time we'd heard that), It needs a press ad and it needs something to get people talking.
  • More campaigns, more target market focus, we need to surprise!
  • who is the product aimed at? right now think the opposite... interesting idea.

The 'I now hate my book' moment....

Day No.2 in the big city and its Publicis to begin with, we were lookin forward to this, and we arrived before Lauren did lol. Theyre office is something to really be desired it was almost like a little den up some stair into their own little world, i loved it, i'd like an office like that one day.

It was from about this moment that we were begginning to hear things we'd heard before and thoughts were being confirmed:

Helen Bamber isnt good enough for a charity ad, especially an unknown one.

  • Charity should be memorable and only be in a book if its amazing.
    We have to remeber we are students, we can do anything! its when we have the job we cant but until we get one..... GO WILD!!
  • An ad should explain itself in two seconds
  • Blockbuster should have more of a film reference, rather than obvious cliches.
  • get into the surprise of it all.
  • All our print ads should be A3 no smaller. (not sure i agree with that one...)
  • Too many charities maybe get rid of a few.
  • One catagory for each ad eg, car, drink, service
  • More ambient for samaritans (same as BMB)
  • Halifax is good but no where near creative enough.
  • They hated Nandos... oh well were gonna change it anyway.
  • TV Ads should have two words per second
  • and we should have three print ads for each campaign. Its a way of seeing if the idea can go far enough.
  • We should stay away from well done brands.

    This is a short list what they said to us,, they were harsh but true. It was this point that we were mentally ripping up pieces of work in our book, but this is what we came for.

The idea and the execution...

Ok so Laura and Joe, these two were so down to earth, and joe can definately talk... I found this team to be one of the most helpful of the week, so much information and clarification it opened our eyes to what we should be doing and in a way we understood. Our book had a problem, it needed too much explantation, it needs to speak for itself and thats how it should be if it falls into the hands of a creative director.

  • They weren't too sure about our Samaritans work... they liked it but only saw it as a beginning point, it needs development. maybe some more emotion going into it. Also what else could we do with it it could go futher, phone boxes, ambient and what age range are we aiming towards?

  • They gave us a good analogy to think about. If a guy is in the pub, a drink in each hand and a packet of crisps in his mouth could our work make him stop and think?

  • Nandos they dont really get but love the brief, delve deeper they said, so deep we will have to go... Think chickens not peri-peri.

  • The TV needs to go to three frames, we babble on too much (but we knew that already) And maybe we should do less tv, we did have a lot in our book.


  • Every brief has got to have an underlying idea, a line, a concept, a theory that everything in that campaign works from. Joe drummed this into us we now know exactly what the difference is between the concept and the execution. Ta joe.

  • They dont like the cadburys ads but they do like the line 'Peace and Cadburys' something to work on.... They thought our executions were good but they need to be part of a concept.

  • Our book doesnt have to be perfect, it has to be seen quickly (CD's dont have much time to look at lots of books) and we have to stop being so bloody precious about our work!

So after our brains were beginning to overload with info we went home happy with a card from Jamie and Richard as they were still working hard. I like convent garden, very nice. Great cake shop which we shall be visiting next time.... (Debbie was on lent and wouldn't let me anywhere near the cakes :(. )

The whole layout pad marker pen and mac thing....

Had to give this its own post cos it deserves it. When waiting for BMB we were in a small shopping complex and below us was a cafe, looking below there were two lads with a layout pad, marker pen and mac, looking very tense and busy, it was too good to be true, they had to be creatives...


Yep we went and harassed poor Jamie and Richard. God knows what they must have thought. Two students interupting their creative thinking but they were lovely and said if they had time (they were on a deadline)to see us after our appointment they would.

The crits oh the crits...

Ok where to begin.

Altogether we had 8 agencies to see, and we began with Mother. For all our efforts we didnt get much back. we turned up quite wet and windswept and it took us a while to find it but we got there eventually. Claire brought our book down to us but apologised as Stu (the guy asigned to look at our book) was in a meeting and couldnt see us, but she said he would send on our feedback through email.

we're still waiting...

So after a nice home cooked meal from Debbies aunty (god bless her) and a good nights sleep we woke up really (unbelievably) early for Rachel and Izy. Love Saatchi and Saatchis Building, great foyer and lovely reception staff. Rachel and Izy were past students on our course and they began by saying that they thought we had more work and it was presented better than what they had when they were initally going round agencies.

They liked our dividers for the work and the drawings done by Debbie.They thought the Euromillions could be taken further into he and she could be yours and placed as stickers in magazines. They also gave us lots of brief ideas that we could get our teeth stuck into!

On the way out they introduced us to Brian, he was creating in Manchester a long time before us and before we knew it we had cards in our hands and someone to ring tomorrow for another crit, Not bad eh?

So after a long time wandering around two Starbucks, stops a Banksy and Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibiton, Abercrombie and Fitch spending and exploring of covent garden, it was finally time for our appointment at BMB, quite excited for this one.
The reception area was rather daunting, i think we were meant to buzz in but the door was open. when we got to the desk, it was in the middle of everyone who was working! But it wasnt long before Joe came to take us to the meeting room for our next crit. To be continued...

The trouble with virgin is....

Their customer service line. When Debbie and I booked the tickets for london originally we got the dates wrong, so we went the palarva of changing the dates through their customer service line.... well she couldnt understand me properly and spoke too fast for me to understand her so it wasnt a very good phone call but i thought it was all sorted.

I collected the tickets and both numbers produced tickets... it was looking good


we got half way to london. when they asked for tickets we found out that one of the numbers only printed out seat reservations so guess who didnt have a ticket.....

well at least the guy on the train was understanding and didnt charge me god knows what for no ticket. Getting to Euston I tried to talk to customer services there, apparently when she changed the ticket she cancelled one of the bookings so there was no way of getting it reprinted, thankfully she had refunded it somehow and I only had to pay for a ticket home.

I hate customer services.

Monday, 10 March 2008

The things i find when i cant sleep....


Heres a new viral from the mighty Carlsberg,

If Carlsberg did virals, they'd be the best virals in the world.... oh hold on, they do.

Simple, effective and oh so funny.... very envious.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The night before...

Tomorrow is the start of the hardest week of our lives, its going to be chaos, its gonna be busy and its going to be non stop. Im nervous just thinking about going to see these agencies... they produce the best adverts Ive ever seen and here we are trying to get our way in there, were seeing the exact creatives that made our favourite ads and its almost like celebrity status, I just hope I dont get starstruck. Debs is gonna have to slap me! we'll be writing a very long post at the end of it all, keep it updated with what happened and what they thought. And until then.... wish us luck!

p.s theyre predicting high winds for tonight, hope it doesnt affect the trains tomoz...

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The mother of all problems...

We thought it was a good idea at the time, well actually i think it still is, if only it had worked according to plan...

The idea was to send mother (the agency, not mine) a nice mothers day present, they said leave your book with us so we did. wrapped up in a nice bow accompanied by chocolate and a nice card delievered to arrive on the friday before mothers day as an end of the week treat. 

we emailed monday, has it arrived? we heard no news and so thought that would be good news but the email today said otherwise...

can you resend?

was the reply. So we panicked slightly, rang, checked parcel force and checked with mothers dispatch area (who knew an agency had a dispatch area?!?) well anyway it turns out that the parcel was there and it was recovered (thank god) but thats four days that our book hasn't been looked at, however they guarantee that someone will look at it before we get there next week...

heres hoping.

The beginning....

Well here goes, in theory this is somewhere in the middle of our journey, weve been an established team for a while now and weve been doing loads of briefs but as far haven't ventured out into industry, but now its time and were not going to do it by halves. with a Clearchannel award behind us were doing it, running off to London to get the lowdown on our book.

With only a couple of lecturers and a whole load of other students opinions on our book its rather daunting going out into a world of opinions by people who know the industry inside out and back to front. They know what works, they know whats new and they know when it needs to go in the bin.

How will they pecieve our work? Will they understand it? Most importantly will they like it?

Thats what were going to find out, in the most planned four days of our lives....

Four days, eight crits and a hell of alot of running around! I'd say wish us luck but I think we need more than that!