Sunday, 8 June 2008

The bad thing about widnes is...

It doesn't like blogger. At all. I've been back in the sh*t hole that is Widnes for the last week and for some reason i had trouble logging into blogger, so i couldn't post. I apologise.

I'd love to say we're extremely busy at the moment, running round like headless chickens but we're not. We're waiting very impatiently to get the next two weeks out the way. We've got our degree show very soon and that has to be sorted and New blood to attend, plus something else is happening this Thursday which could be very influencial in what happens next for Debbie and I.

I'm still thinking of some ideas for campaigns but we've been told that our book should stay the same for a little while until we've had a bit more feedback (although all feedback we have had has been great.)

roll on next week...

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