Friday, 13 June 2008

The hush hush...

Debbie and I are full of secrets at the moment and well we know where a certain creative is going to move to soon but can't say and we know what the next cadbury's ads are going to be about but we don't know if we can say or not!

That aside, it was our degree show tonight and it went pretty well lots of friends and family hanging around looking at work and the odd industry person sneeking a look at what had been produced. To be honest free booze did not help matters but we got approached by head hunters and the typical thing you get at these shows and we aslo managed to meet someone who we've known for quite a long time now but had never actually met! Adam Richardson was on the course a year previous to us and it was really nice to meet him in person and find out what hes getting along with. He's enjoying himself and thats all that matters. Read his blog here.

Yesterday however, we were in london again, you know if railways did railmiles like airways did we've had racked up shit loads by now.

We went to see Iris, they expressed interest in us after we appeared in campaign magazine and requested a book crit. Overall we surprised them (Neale and Leigh. great blokes, easy to talk to and understood where we were coming from) they said our work in book was a lot better than the PDF we sent them ( on a side note I hate PDF's i prefer showing the book in person but if thats what you wanna see i'll send it to you!) and they loved some of our wider thinking ideas. our print ads were kinda standard but to be honest I think they all are these days. There hasn't been a taxing print ad for me since silk cut. But our ambient and 'other' ideas were the best things in our book. We secretly knew this, but its a long way into the future that print/billboard ads die into the past and are never seen again. Someone has to make them, boring or not.

Its not worth our while doing a placement at the moment as were not quite there yet and can't challenge what they're already producing but one day we will.

Then we went of and saw one of our favourite people in the industry Rob Fletcher.
Over at Isobel they've just finished pitching for a rather important client (we wish them the best of luck its a biggy) and Rob kindly took the time out to talk to us about our book. He was surprised that no-one had offered us a placement yet but in a way once he'd seen the book he knew why. The strategies just aren't there. We know what we have to do but getting that stratergy and knowing if its good is our downfall. Were getting there, everything else is fine, we can execute, we can write and we can PR ourselves to the point of no return but slowly but surely the stratergies are improving. Unfortunaltely its the one thing that will get us the jobs.

We'll get there sooner rather than later...

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