Saturday, 5 July 2008

The ABBA fever...

You may all laugh, but I am really looking forward to seeing the Mamma Mia movie. Despite the ABBA connections, if we had never heard of them I still think the movie would be amazing. All the stars involved its a guaranteed hit.

However, I do have one worry. I want to go WATCH the movie and despite it being very tempting I don't want to end up being at a bad kareoke night.

I envision the cinema errupting in spontaneous singing renditions both quite funny and really annoying as the guy sat behind you who cant sing, knowing every word to 'the winner takes it all'.

I know english cinema is alot more restrained than american cinema where people yell at the cinema screen and get quite worked up during a movie. Abba is a classic and obviously those who go will love the songs and will know the words.

Is a singalong inevitable? Could the cinemas play on this? a special night where all these people go along and have a big sing-a-long? Mamma Mia Mania...

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