Monday, 7 July 2008

The CV thing...

Ok, I know the title says "all about the crit" and thats what I thought it was about.

I've applied for a few online roles (the few junior creative roles there are...) and all of them want a CV.

Now don't get me wrong, I can write a cv.

But is it really necessary? In this industry isn't it all about the work? The ideas? Does it matter what we got where and where we worked in the past (In our instance that list isn't very long.)

You still have to send your portfolio over but I just don't get the CV bit.


Hayley said...

I wondered that myself, but it became apparent when I received emails of response saying "You did not meet the criteria we were looking for. Get some agency experience and you'll be in a much better position from it." yadda yadda yadda.

Guessing they ask for a CV to see how many agencies you can cram on there that you've had placements/jobs with. Not good for me lol!

Adam said...

hey, hope your both well.

To be honest Hayley has struck the nail on the head, on my CV the bit people head straight to is the "Work Ex/Placements" section (mainly because it's the right at the top of the CV) and that's the real reason for doing one, I know it's fickle but the industry isn't always the fairest.

I'm sure next time your down in London you'll find something good to put in that section!

Anonymous said...

Where did you apply for, never come across an agency wanting a CV?

Rachel and Debbie said...

its when you apply for things off brand republic and the drum, any job position you apply for through an online source (its rare you get told the agency theyre looking for teams for) but they always want a cv with a portfolio.