Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The credit crunch?..

Well yesterday Debbie and I were off to see VCCP.

Nikki and Simon were really great help, great advice and Ideas and gave us a great list of products to attack and think up ideas for.

Its given us two campaigns that are definate keepers for our book now so thats good.

The horrible thing we heard though, (and what the title relates to) is the redundancy of Brian Connolly. We went and saw Brian at Saatchi's many a time and really respected his opinion. And apparantly he's not the only one to be shown the door.

Whats going on? I know that money's a big issue right now but Saatchi's making people redundant?

Plus with fiscal situation as it is, it doesnt bode well for new talent who are hoping for paid placements, whichever agency they go to.

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