Sunday, 13 July 2008

The thing apple got right....

Well I'm suitably impressed! After long long long hours of attempting to download the new software update for my Ipod Touch, I managed it and started downloading applications all over the place.

I didn't expect anything amazing but I am really wowed by what they've come up with!

The 'accelerator' function is incredible. I don't know how it works but when you can get games like Crash Bandicoot racing where you have to control the cart by actually turning the ipod and monkey ball by doing the same its brilliant! (difficult getting a good balance but thats half the fun!)

And small kudos has to go to BMB... First in there with an advertising based game. Carling's Ipint is really gimicky but really quite funny. A realistic looking pint is poured into the screen of your pod and as you tip the pod, it pours out. cute. Plus a cool game where you have to slide a pint along the bar to your mate waiting at the end of it!

Its free so you cant moan. Crash and Monkey ball aren't free but its worth the money. Psp style games for a fraction of the price and on a much more usable level. Im happily playing around with all the different apps, some useful some fun and some are useless but well done apple.

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