Monday, 21 July 2008

The new work list...

Well the products we're working our socks off on now are:

Sure Deoderant
Pampers Nappies
Hidden Hurt (Domestic Violence)
WWF (world wide fund for nature not wrestling...)

Some digital bits for: Play Doh
Next Directory
Scholl Party Feet (maybe a bit of print too...)


Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be a downer girls but two charities?

Charity briefs are dream briefs in any agency, we had a few in our book that won awards but got no recogntion elsewhere. They have to be amazing and different the best advice we heard was to show a solution not a problem

Wal said...

ladies, scrap wwf and domestic violence before your start working your socks off, stay away from charities. too easy (yes, you've heard that before i reckon). but there's so many emotions already built up for this kind of topics, its easy to tap into, rather than taking a bland/boring product and turning it into something good. but, we are guilty for charity in book as well, but trying to root it out :)

Rachel and Debbie said...

Thanks for the advice, these are just ideas were compilling not necessarily for the book, we've been told loads of times that unless it's really good it shouldn't go in so we approach it with caution! Just a bit of practice for us really might put it on here just for opinions though. We've got something that might be happening on the digital side of things soon so were trying to see what we can do in that department.

Adam said...

hey girls,

I'm as guilty as Wal, I would say stay away from charity yet have one in my book also! It was a live ad though so helped i think. If you can do something good with the Play Doh in a digital way, I'll look forward to seeing that, could be some good possibilities with that one.

Mike said...

From our perspective people are talking digital-this-that-and the other.

We're currently in the process of replacing a certain charity ad, it's always been positive, but just well... positive, 'it would run', 'nice visuals', 'sound idea and good execution', 'a nice safe one for your book'.

To us this means bye bye charity campaign. It'll be gone in a week. ha ha.

Rusty said...

Hey girls hope all is well with you. Finally getting around to blog updates/uploads of previous work. Stuck a few strategies up for the time being from my last book, not all are clear without executions but thought you'd like to know! haha


Harry and Laura said...

Will Play-Doh involve bunny rabbits in anyway? That'd be sweet! Everyone likes bunny rabbits.

Rachel and Debbie said...

lol noooo don't think so. A bit too sony esq Dont you think!?!? ;)

Hayley said...

I too will be looking with keen interest to see what digital wonders you can come up with for Play-Doh. Possibly stealing them for my own Play-Doh campaign lol! Just kidding girls.

david said...

I'd say the same as everyone else by avoiding any charity work and even Ikea as they have a history of some good advertising, Sure have also had stunt city which will be hard to better.