Friday, 11 July 2008

The depression...

I think Adland is going through a depression...

UK's print work didn't exactly shine at cannes.

The good work is getting ripped from viewing pleasure. (Heinz)

Lunar BBDO went very deep and philosophical today, questioning the meaning of advertising altogether.

Every piece of new work I start working on I'm doubting. I just can't figure out whats good enough anymore.

(yes I know that I was talking about job offers and placements below but they're nowhere near certain and I still can't figure out what it will take to get us that great placement.)


Rusty said...

I feel the same. Don't know what happening out in the agencies particularly print wise at the moment. I've started on new work and i'm trying to step back and look at it to see if its first of all clear but is it then

Benefit led
Selling the product
Impress Book Critter's

and a million other things. It's tough to really know what everyone wants. Posters, TV, Digital, Intergrated, Off the wall ideas, stuff that would run? Stuff that would never run? Personal? Distanced?

Who know's, hopefully hit lucky somewhere along the way. I'm just going for Clear and Benefits at the moment and hoping the rest will make themselves apparent!

Rule one; Big Ideas.


Adam said...

it's not good is it that people at our stage of the game are thinking like this? hopefully it was just a passing feeling for you guys, I'm sure we all get it sometimes!

If not then a surprising amount of people have been telling me that there's good money in plumbing!