Thursday, 17 July 2008

The first poll...

We've never done a poll before so heres the first,

IKEA. Two ideas for the strapline, but same strategy.

The furnitures bland and basic but its the personality of the consumer that makes it.

So what will it be?

IKEA. Personality not included.


IKEA. You make it.

We know theres quite a few of you checking the blog so please vote and help us out!

4 comments: said...

The 'Personality Not Included' line is extremely negative? Personally I think IKEA furniture is beautiful and lives to the 'form follows function' rule almost all the time. IKEA is successful because they make cheap furniture which is stylish in it's simplicity. It'd be hard to buy something at IKEA and it not look good in a new bare-walled flat. There are some great truths to base a campaign on for IKEA but whether you can make them better than the current 'Home' campaign is a different matter..

RachelC said...

You wrote about ikea and then I saw this

Generate your own Swedish Furniture name. it is all about you ;)

Rachel and Debbie said...

LOVE IT! Ha apparently I'm RAKKEL a set of drawers lol. Thanks RachelC

david said...

Neither, they're both as bad as each other. As JPandtem said, personality not included is very negative and you have to put it together is telling something I already know and is not really an insight that makes me look at the brand differently. It also reminds me of the worst aspect of Ikea, having to do it yourself.