Friday, 25 July 2008

The little update...

Taking the advice of those who kindly commented, all charity efforts have been binned!

The poll for IKEA resulted in an overwhelming majority for the option of "you make it". However that was trumped by the group that thought both were shit.

Some more thinking required on that one.

Some thinking on strategies:

GAP: Worn out.

Colmans: Just add food (I have an inkling this has been done somewhere before so those in the know please tell me if it has! Ta.)

Scholl: Sore feet just aren't sexy.

Pampers: Lets babies go wherever they want to. You can't fit experience into a frame (adjustment on the previous see the bigger picture.)

Opinions are welcome. As always.


Hayley said...

I agree with what you said about Colman's, though not sure if it has been done before. A team in my class at uni did something similar for HP Sauce - as though the sauce was the main event and the food was just an accompaniment. Think of something that Colman's gives the consumer that no other brand does, as the current thought could be used for any condiment.

Rusty said...

Hey, the Just Add Food has been done before although can't remember who by. And just my opinion but i don't think many people find feet sexy. Unless they have some strange fetish!


Hayley said...

You'd be surprised how many people have foot fetish, Liam : P Not me of course *cough* lol