Sunday, 3 August 2008

The commercial Breakdown...

Ok I thought Tarrant on TV was brilliant when it showed you those ads from abroad, in amongst all that other tv stuff. Jimmy Carr with much better humour has his own show on a sunday night about 10.20 ish on BBC1 devoted to ripping it out of adverts. Brilliant.

This is just a couple that stood out for me.


The Idea Bakery said...

Hi There,

Thanks for your comment about clear channel. Did you get a placement from it at all?? What agency are you in at the moment?? WHat uni did you go to?

I have yet to see this new show, so roll on iplayer!

The Idea Bakery said...

Ah sounds like a good course. Im just trying to find a new copywritter for my final year. I'm not looking forward to graduating, it seems like placement/job hunting is an endless cycle.

Yeh at the awards i just met clear channel employees, so not much cop! Are you currently in london town?

Mike said...

Yay! the hummer ad is well funny! - if a little random, but everyone loves randomness right kids?