Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The lack of Scamp....

Im sure you've all noticed that Scamps blog is being investigated by Blogger. Not good.

But what happened?

  • Did scowling AD press a wrong button?
  • Did someone get sick of all the slagging off going on about certain ads and put a complaint in to blogger?
  • Did Blogger get it wrong?

It happened to Liam at the biscuit barrel, as soon as he started up blogger turned him off for being spam, but they were wrong.

So anyone else got any thoughts on what might have happened over there?


Rusty said...

Famous! Thanks for that! I reckon everyone started swearing uncontrollably and they've taken it down because of it, if i remember right Scamp asked everyone to be nice when for Al Murray whilst he was away but as you may know Creatives don't like rules! U-Oh!

Anonymous said...

It was very strange and it occured on the same day as the T5 (bbh) print ad mistake was made public

Anonymous said...

fallon juniors are to blame