Saturday, 9 August 2008

The oopsie/ the names Cabral. Juan Cabral

the combination of bad Internet and my meddling with posts led to the deletion of the Fallon post!

If you missed it, basically I said that even though I haven't been a fan of the latest fallon work, I'm quite excited for what their going to do with Sony's new ad featuring Daniel Craig.

The guys an amazing actor no doubt they'll have a great location and a good script, so this one can't really go wrong. Or can it?

The only thing is, of late Fallon have been focusing on brand status rather than products. What does the latest orange ad tell us about their network? What amazing deal can they offer me? I don't know all I know is that I am what I am because of everyone around me.


]-[appy Thought said...

Dave Trott picked up on this trend the other day on his bLog, saying that a good integrated campaign says different things through its separate media. Therefore the TV ads are there to position the brand and add intrigue, and they'll rely on DM, online and phone seller deals (e.g. phones 4U deals) to sell the price parts.

T Mobile do it differently, by just focusing on price, but that said I've got no idea who they are as a brand so I'm less likely to trust them with an 18 month contract even though I now know I can get a Nokia N95 for £20 or whatever.

So although I'm not strictly speaking a fan of the Orange ad, I admire the fact they chose to do it over a price lead ad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry girls, I know everyone has a right to comment on ad's but you are not really in a position to judge Fallon's strategy when you have so much work to do on yours.

Anonymous said...

And I suppose the "I am" campaign will make people trust or get Orange as a brand. Right.

T-mobile wins this round hands off. It's the credit cruch era and just when I'm thinking if should sell my kidney on ebay to afford this month's petrol, Orange tell me I should pick them 'cos they shot this ad with cyclist and Danny Kleinmann is bloody expensive.

"You won't find more minutes..." will be more effective no doubt and for that reason, it's better advertising.

True,is not the most creative thing I've seen but nor is "I am".

If you admire fallon for making a wild but irresponsible and wrong decision, then I presume you'd admire a doctor that removes a kidney to cure a headache. That's brave too, isn't it?