Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Dark Knight...

Yesterday, Debbie and I finally got round to going to see The Dark Knight.

After yelling at two little underage muppets near us to shut the hell up and sit down, we weren't disappointed. Despite what we heard from other sources, this movie is fantastic, having so many lead characters usually a movie would lose quality but this has high quality acting, action and twists all the way through.

Heath Ledger does steal the show, he is incredible as the joker, you are actually freaked out by this character, the portrayal is unbelievable and had us turning away at one stage.

His disappearing pencil trick is rather good too.

We were right when we posted that image a long time ago of the new two-face, it is that graphic and very well done.

There is nothing I can fault with the movie except the rating, this movie is not a 12A no-where near.


Guy and Sarah, creatives said...

One reason why I thought Ledger was so good was the fact that he incorporated a limp and a facial tick (not unlike Gordon Brown's, lol) into his character. I've seen it twice now and thought it was better second time round - brilliant.


Rachel and Debbie said...

lol yeah, i think it might take a couple of viewings to take in everything!

chesca said...

That film is awesome. One of the best batman films I've seen in a long time. I agree about the certificate, as do many articles I've read on it. There's quite a lot of violence on it for young minds to see! Have you seen the news about China banning the new Grand Theft Auto game because of an 18 year old boy robbing a taxi to 'see if it was as easy to do as the game shows'...madness!