Monday, 12 May 2008

The challenge...

We've been set one... and its a doosy. Seriously though if we can do these (and well) ill be amazed. but were never one to back down from a challenge!

Here goes:
  • British Airways T5
  • Bernard Matthews
  • Cilit Bang.



HUTZ said...

Had a quick look at your work you have posted and here is some advice, feel free to ignore it but am only trying to help.

Work more on the strategy; there should be a unique insight that is a big idea.

Your works seems quite traditional, in terms of most of it being print campaigns followed by a few new media ideas.

The idea should live in the media it works best in, anything goes in a book. The less TV and print nowadays the better as agencies are looking for multi disciplined teams, just think of great ideas.

It might be worth looking into a short coarse like Watford to really hone your skills, it’s such a tough industry to break into you need an amazing book.

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Now there cracking challenges, when a team see's that you've tried to tackle them they'd have a lot of respect for you two, you've picked three products that have a business problems and you are going to solve them creativly. I agree with hutz on the 'The idea should live in the media it works best in' part nut get a solid strategy first then th fun part is executing them.

We're working on an idea for a TV show at Lowe for a product at the mo, it will know doubt get shot down by the client but it impresses the CD's and thats a start