Sunday, 4 May 2008

The stress...

I believe that Debbie and I are the only ones on this planet that hate the idea of a bank holiday this Monday.

Uni don't believe in things like half term and easter holidays but as soon as a bank holiday comes along everyone abandons ship on the one day we need it and its A3 scanner the most. Typical.

All our work has to be uploaded BY Tuesday 6th. I've put the 'by' in capitals because its causing me some bother. Does by mean monday midnight or tuesday midnight? Portfolio night contacts wern't too helpful. "as long as its all done by the deadline then its all good" was the response. WHATS THE DEADLINE? I hate vague outlines for things.

So Debbie and I are going to be taking photos of our work and uploading them that way. Not ideal but I suppose it will have to do. 10 to 1 if we leave it till tuesday we'll probably find out the deadline was Monday midnight and then we'll be in trouble.


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