Saturday, 10 May 2008

The question...

Ok opinions please...

  • Mercedes-Benz - Inspired by women since 1900.
  • McVities HobNobs- They can take the heat.
  • Rachel's organic milk- Big on the benefits
  • Flybe- The low impact airline.
  • See the bigger picture.
  • Nestle's After Eights - Who said we meant the evening?

Good initial ideas? (and I emphasise initial)


Carb Free Creativity said...

One thing i've noticed from your work is your maybe missing a nice/interesting thought about the product to get the campaign strategy.

1. Mercedes Benz, why are they inspired by women? i don't understand. You have to remember that if someone was going to buy a Merc they would be paying upwards 30,00 for a car, so say something meaningful. Most Mercedes drivers are probably men, it might be interesting to look at a wife trying to get her husband to buy a merc over an audi say (might be too silly mind)

Remember Mercedes are all about the best engineering and producing something slick but usuable on a day to day basis.

2. McVities, are you talking about them not melting? When do people eat biscuits, with tea, when someone's pops round your house for a chat. Are they the cooler biscuit to have when mates are round..sod the jaffa cakes.

Are Hobnobs good dunking biscuits do they survive the test in tea? This is a good product to have with Mercedes cause the tone would switch from something quite cool to something that could be very funny.

Hobnobs should be something you push towards students and young people, you could have fun with weird flash mobs and mobile content cause this audience would do it!!!

3. After Eights. I like the thought of eating them whenever, this is true i've eaten then during he day! Maybe swing the campaign so it was after 8 am instead of pm you could get some good lines and thoughts like the after breakfast mint maybe???

4. Expedia. What is the bigger picture?? isn't this about adventure...surely. Cheap adventure!...How would indian jones get about if he was on a budget. Sometimes adventure on the cheap can be fun!

Right sorry couldn't go through them all. Hope it helps!!

Big G

Anonymous said...

Mercedes is a wrong choice of car try a mid range car such as a fiesta or mondeo

Mcvities is good but don't talk about tea dunking

Do organic milk as long as you don't talk about it's usp

If you're going to do an airline don't talk about price

Are you sure you want to do a holiday company and an airline

After eight is a nice choice of product but don't talk about the 'eight' part

Then for good measure chuck in a mans product it will look really good if you can do a product aimed at men, so try gillette or mens health or a beer

The key to a good book is taking an everyday product and making it seem cool, if you're struggling for products use the bin method. That being, imagine if you were walking down a street and looked into a bin, what would be in it.

Also I noticed from your portfolio page that there seems to be a lack of art direction, now many will say it's the idea that's important which is true but if you wan't to stand out I would consider spending a bit more time on it.
Art direction isn't just how you good you can photoshop but how many different styles you can adopt whether it be illustration, print, or something totally different, I'm sure you already know this but it can only improve your book

Hayley said...

Your initial Hobnob idea - presumably about them being able to withstand a good dunking - if this is the thought and you go with t, then just be careful it doesn't come out sounding like Cadbury's recent choc digestive ad (where everyone tried to melt choc onto normal digestives).

As for what This Is Us said about "not doing tea dunking" - I say "tosh!" to that. Some of he best advertising comes from tapping into the inately British things we do, so dunking could be really good if you approach it in an unusual/new way.