Friday, 9 May 2008

The massacre...(Saatchi & Saatchi bit 2)

Back to charlotte street for the umpteenth time and were seeing Brian. Brians individual opinions on our work really stand out against everyone else and gives us inspiration to chuck things we once thought were fantastic...

  • IQ still confusing and if were gonna carry on with it we really need to find something individual about it. (Answer: were not. Its going in the bin. theres nothing individual about this car we've decided.)
  • Euro 08 Didnt get the first billboard initially but he likes what were trying to say, but it needs more. much more.
  • Fedex. He didnt love it. But he didnt hate it either. Its ok.
  • Nandos Difficult. Hes seen it so many times now he doesnt know what to think anymore. Fair enough cos we're getting sick of the sight of chickens now.
  • Lonely planet: theres so much better stuff we could do for this. He didnt like it.
  • Slim fast: Didnt like this but the gorgeous execution might have something to it. It works on a whole but personally he didnt like it.
  • Grand national he did like.

Ok so all that over we were feeling good and upbeat and enthusiastic for the night ahead....oh we were in for a shock....

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