Friday, 9 May 2008

The massacre... (Lunar BBDO Bit)

Well this was eagerly anticipated and it lived up to itself.

The Lunar BBDO bloggers Ben and Daryl were able to see us and whilst they flicked through our book we flicked through the new circle annual and what a nice book that was. We didnt want to put that one down!

  • IQ was missing a bit of truth and by this point i think debbie and I had already decided it was going in the bin but the stratergy may survive somewhere for a later date.
  • Euro 08 was a hit but they said get rid of the strapline and just use the logo it speaks for themselves but maybe it should be a bit more secret so that wives arent prepared for the excuses?
  • Fed ex They liked the mugabe execution but not the others
  • Nandos they kinda liked but they wanted it sicker, get really involved. 9/11? London bombings? Maybe, maybe not. Nandos may not survive this book....
  • Lonely planet they didn't understand, there isnt much truth to it but they did like the see more stratergy however we should be showing more benefits of the book. Fair enough.
  • Slim fast they liked and it had a real truth but think it should be kept to magazines rather than billboards.

They liked the fact that we look at other media, actually we prefer other media, that stuff is so much more fun! In all we need more TRUTH in our book. This was such and inspiring crit for us. We really enjoyed it we also had a quick chat about Ben's three year old picture in campaign last week....

So outside sat in the sun we wondered if Brian (saatchi & saatchi) was back in the office after getting his chair delivered. So we rang him and arranged a crit for an hour later...

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