Friday, 9 May 2008

The massacre (Portfolio Night Bit)

Ok we were a bit harsh, it wasnt that bad and it was all good fun

3 sessions of 45 mins moving through table after table of CD's and people in the know.

Rachel 1: Iain Tait: YES! was really happy to see Iain, we love poke, they really have a thing about work involving experiences and we like that sort of thing too. We nearly didnt get through the book though too much chatting oops! He thought Nandos was a good laugh and liked you nandos needs you and the lemmings (everyone loves lemmings) Liked Euro 08 and the big british ball game, some good things could come out of that. Get rid of the cameras on lonely planet and he thought that slim fast was really funny. sick but funny.

Debbie 1: Mark from JWT IQ: good product but misses the mark. Euro 08 get rid of the strapline more reasons like its a shame that noth germany and croatia cant both lose. The big british ball game has been done too much before (has it????) Fed ex: Fun Nandos: needs a clearer line and needs a funnier premise than suicide. Suicide isnt funny. but we respect chickens who make the choice of dying for their future in nandos. lol.

Rachel 2: Russell Ramsey: I really wanted to see this guy so I was in awe. and really didnt care that he hated everything in the book and that he said it was too flippant and to gag filled. Still in awe of the guy.

Debbie 2: Al Campbell Head of copy Agency republic. : IQ one dimentional and it woouldnt run. (we get told to put things in that wouldnt necessarily run! oh well.) Euro 08 all good but runs out in a couple of months and then its outdated. Fed ex is sick he liked that. but stick with the famous side of things. Nandos too sick for this book our book is sick to the point of bullimic lol. Ditch nandos. Lonely planet has a lovely thought behind it and needs working again.

Rachel 3: Miles Bingham JWT Cool guy said our book should be portrait OR landscape choose or die lol. Euro 08 is too niche for a book. we need more everyday products. Fedex line should be shorter whenever whatever? and needs to be cleverer overall get to the 4th step of it. Nandos: when he understood it he loved it! Lonely planet didnt seem that interested it was ok. Said we should write a list of truths then work from that lonely planet...could have something to do with perfect crime. Slim fast made him laugh but its too sick and its not right.

Debbie 4: Graham Fink, Less said about this the better. Debbie is traumatised/furious. He hated it.

Later we saw Paul silburn after a small misunderstanding and he agreed to see our book.

IQ liked the no restrictions idea but it needs to go more left field (it is. the left field bin. Sorry.)
Euro 08' Its more reasons than excuses and he quite likes it the thought needs to be expanded further, poking fun at english players? (its easy enough)

Fedex. Its too fedex when we should be thinking fresher and newer.
Nandos is way too done. but theres something in burning chickens
Lonely planet and slimfast are way overdone by students. we didnt know that.

Need better less advertised products. thinking beyond the typical, events and the promotion associated with the event.

Then we went home to bed. and Cried. No actually we didnt cry we were too exhausted. Sincere thanks to everyone who saw our book and took time out to see us and everyone at portfolio night. Did you get all that? we didnt it took me three times reading the notes to remember what happened!


facu said...


see what happened to me.

Hayley said...

Sounds like you had one hell of a night! Glad to hear you took a lot out of it, as deflating as some of it can be. Unfortunately Lonely Planet has been done to death by students - I entered it for D&AD last year and we have tons of the entries sitting in a sad little box in class lol. Not sure if it was a D&AD brief again this year or not (I forgets lol), but generally speaking, it's best not to have any briefs in your book that are current/recent competition briefs (unless you're one of the lucky sods who entered and won).

Well done anyway girls, you've done a LOT in the last couple of months. Good luck with the degree!

Rachel and Debbie said...

We didn't know about lonely planet as we didnt't look at the previous years student briefs as we only became a team in january.

Thankfully Paul Silburn told us this at portfolio night so we took the decision to pull it from the book. There where other deciding factors that made us choose this brand, of which we cannot disclose but it was nothing to do with student awards as we are making a concious decision to stay fully away from these brands to make our book as individual as possible.