Thursday, 22 May 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen of the congregation... we have just been informed that our 'secret' mission has now come to reality.

Please turn to the 24hrs with coloumn of your new campaign magazine.

There you will find mine and Debbies mugs staring back at you and our account of portfolio night.

Those of you coming to the blog from campaign, please refer to the archive sections for full accounts of the crits.


LB said...

Congratulations! :D x

Carb Free Creativity said...

How'd you manage that one!

James Feess said...

nice. i want to see a scanned version of this.

Rachel and Debbie said...

Lol cos were brilliant.... no only joking were not, but as they say its not what you know but who u contact and make friends with hehe.

Rachel and Debbie said...

As soon as i get my grubby mits on one i'll post it up here because i know our foreign friends may not recieve campaign.