Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The deadline...

is may 30th which in theory gives us 16 days. Just over two weeks until our uni lives are summed up into a little pile of work. (well ours is actually gonna be a medium sized pile we've had to make extra folders for this blog and contacts.)

Usually two weeks doesn't bother us, it pushes us. This time its panicking us. Learning so much with such little time left makes us feel that we have to do new work showing these skills or else its not worth it.

So were doing 7 campaigns in these two weeks, and once again we think the works going to be much better. The strategies are there this time. We've had confirmation before we even begun pen to layout pad.

Oh and did we mention in these next 16 days we have 4 days of Rachel and Debbies part time jobs, various planning meetings for shows (which can take up to two hours each) and we have to paint the studio (its a big studio.) We know were not the only ones doing it but still its a big task. Also we have to get our section ready. We havent even got that sorted in our heads yet. Plus printing and mounting and hanging.... This is going to be a very stressful two weeks.

phew that feels better.....

But I guess now is a better time than any to start juggling jobs, time and working to short deadlines eh?

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Hayley said...

You'll get it done girls - you've proved how quickly you can work every time you've scrapped your work and re-done it for your trips to London.

We finish in a week at Preston, so at least you've got an extra week. And none of us are anywhere near ready for it lol!

What dates is your degree show open from and til? I'd like to come and see the competition if I get the chance lol!