Friday, 9 May 2008

The massacre.... (W&K bit)

And thats what it was ladies and gentlemen. Good and bad. The book has been well and truly decapitated in every which way and shan't be appearing in that form ever again. You can however see it in its shameful form over on the portfolio page.

Right then. Better start at the beggining.

9.30 thursday morning, we joked that W+K would be a great way to start the dayand we were proved right! crazy reception area and photos will follow but Fabian and Ida were great we had a pretty good crit from them, They loved the idea behind Euro 08 and want to see more, but we need to tweak some things, get rid of the bit before the strapline as the excuses says it all. Has the spirit of the football fan within it, They prefered the personal side of fed ex, the student one rather than the famous people but thinks we should focus on the brand rather than what we did. MORE TRUTH! (that is going to be mentioned alot in the next however long this takes to read...)

Didnt really like IQ and they did like Nandos they thought it was funny and fits the tone of nandos but it doesnt really make them want to go. They loved the Lonely planet simplicity but they said some tweaking needs to be done about the images and whats actually being looked at.

Slim fast was a bit iffy. And they liked the grand national viral so all good!

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