Thursday, 1 May 2008

The good news and the bad....

Changes. Nothing ever stays the same with us for very long. There we were all sorted for portfolio night, the only thing to do was draw em' up.... Then in walks Ken Davies, Creative director of Underdog advertising in Chester. Ken comes in every now and again to set briefs and see what were upto but we haven't seen him for months so it was nice to catch up.

Good news is that A smyths (Irish toy shop) brief we were set a while ago was rather sucessful with the clients but still questions on what will and wont run.

Bad news is that he had fantastic ideas for work! Our ideas had a right good workout and were moulded into new versions of themselves. at least we hadn't drawn too much up by then!

But everything is finalised now nothing is changing. well we don't think so anyway!

1 comment:

Carb Free Creativity said...

Ken is a great tutor

Chat with him as much as you can cause he can change a idea into something great.

Would have been a great CD

Good luck with the crits