Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The good day....

Well we have some very exciting news, something quite good is happening for us in the next couple of weeks but we have to keep it under wraps for now. (Its not a placement and its not a job) Lets just say I was nearly sick when we recieved an email from a certain person today.

Anyway thats not the only thing on our list for today. John Allison and Chris Bovill came back to where they began to tell us all about the trials and tribulations of "smelly briefs"

They gave us a nice talk on how to crack briefs and how they came to be where they are today.

After, they gave us a crit but it was kinda a group session on teaching some 2nds years how to go around getting crits, anyway they said that we had a really good book, its not great yet (we wouldn't expect it to be!) but for the stage were at its really good and we've got some things that they said we should have a good go at from some ideas we had. And also commented on what an easy book it was to look at, the way it flowed. Some of our stapline/stratagies need work but otherwise all systems go go go for portfolio night!


pisspoorenglish said...

oooh, keeping us in suspenders.

Is it a piece of work getting approved I wonder...something like that?

Rachel and Debbie said...

no...its not really about our work itself, but its still about advertising!