Thursday, 10 April 2008

The work (part 2)

Heres something from our Breville 'Clearly better' Campaign. We know that see through adshels have been done before but we like them. The toast will get darker and lighter over time (not greener as thankfully it wont be real toast.) and the water one will have bubbles getting faster and faster and will light up at night. These are to advertise the transparent kettle that they already sell and the transparent toaster that we found on a concept site.


LMS said...

Sweet but seem a little easy to be honest, a fairly literal execution of the products.

One piece of advice and one I'm sure you know already is that the single most important thing for you to get right is the strategy.

It seems something missing from the stuff you have posted. A car called IQ... bit obvious to create a car about a clever car. A clever car is the product, not the strategy.

It's very hard to get a book full of great, fresh strategies but once you have getting placements will far easier to get.

Pick products and think of a unique, leftfield strategy based around a truth if possible.

Rachel and Debbie said...

lol, thanks for the comment we do appreciate them, and we know what you mean... thats why these ideas are part of a much bigger plan... once we've got past the next set of crits (next week) were going to put up the whole portfolio and the campaigns as a whole. The adshells are part of a "clearly better" campaign focusing on what it would be like if you could see through certain things... Iq was the name toyota gave the car, we haven't really focused on how clever the car is, the driver however...

anyway you'll see when we get them all up on here... :)

Rachel and Debbie said...

LMS, who are you?, were curious, you dont have your own blog and yet you know (seemingly) alot about ads, you dont have to say it on here, you could send it to our email address.