Monday, 21 April 2008

The Thursday events...

This week has gone soooo quick compared to last time but we've learnt equally as much. Our last trip was to POKE to visit Dave Birss, have a look at his blog its in the list.

Now this was the crit of the week, he's got so much to say, and its all so useful and ineteresting! he gave us some good opinions but alongside it some great ideas on how to improve what we already have. he's given us inspiration for new work for the book were working on now. Cant really discuss that right now but its coming soon we promise...

The rest of the day we chilled but at the station we had an epiphany, we actually we had a couple of laughing fits but there was an idea in there somewhere! Were gonna have to film it this week but we think it'll be really funny if it works.

On the way back we were sat with the same man that we did last time strangely enough, and somehow most of the way back we were talking with him and another guy about advertising....ITS EVERYWHERE!

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