Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Monday events...

Okay then, here goes, well after an uneventful virgin train ride (very thankful for that) Debs and I ran off to visit the farm which is literally five mins away from euston and very well placed in our opinion! We were booked into see Owen Lee (CD) however he was off ill, but he didnt cancel no.. (lol the trucks ad has just come on telly its actually growing on me...) he asked two creatives Andy and Jim to see us instead. We really appreciated that so thanks Owen.

Andy and Jim are great guys very to the point but very helpful and gave us some good ideas
They said: Nandos: lines dont have to have word play, we should keep away from expressions and cliches. the ideas should have more to do with that its worth killing chickens for nandos and we should try looking at our ideas and explaining them as if we were in the pub to get the message right. Very good advice we think.

They liked the IQ endline but it needs to be pushed much further, base is good but it needs to get madder! needs more attitude how would you really have fun in a car? Prohibited fun? Changed personality? Extenuate the fun aspect it should be bigger than big.
Breville is too USP. picking products with a USP is too easy and also too restrictive.
Walkers is also a bit too USP we got told to ditch the radio (poor radio it easily gets forgotten but for our book i can see where theyre coming from) They didnt like our lineker scandal and thought there was too many ideas all over the place...

We liked The farm but i think we'd need to see a bit more. Andy and Jim know Danny and Gavin from MCBD they txt ahead of our appointment on wednesday...were officially being talked about!

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