Friday, 11 April 2008

The most demeening....

Well its friday, which means ive (Rachel) had to work for my small living... my boss thinks its a great idea to buy in novelty belly bars that have rude sayings on them, of course somebody asks me to tell me what they say on them.

1. thank god she was under the age of 25
2. thank god she was serious and actually bought two.

this is what those bars said,

  • cock sucka (yes spelt like that)
  • lets fuck
  • insert dick here (god knows where that bar was intended for)

Oh the things I do to afford printing in uni (dont even go there... cos we spent £40 on it the other day)

btw I dont work in Ann Summers or anything like that, its a simple make-up/hair accessory/cheap perfume shop with the odd bit of body jewellery thrown in.

Debs works on a Sunday. she gets wet for a a lifeguard.

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