Monday, 21 April 2008

The Wednesday events...

First thing back to covent garden, and we have to thank rory from the talent buisness for inviting us to their office, those 15 minute outside on a fire drill were riveting... Only joking it was actually quite funny! Rorys great, he has lots of good advice about different agencies and what we should be thinking about, showed us a few things to think about and grilled us on where we liked and where we wanted to be. Rory liked what he saw and hopefully we should be getting some stuff lined up for the future...

Off to Noho and to MCBD to Gavin and Danny, the place is a little cramped for our liking but gavin and danny seem like really cool guys. Different from everyone else basically they hated our book. It wasnt anywhere what they thought it should be, just proves how differing opinions can be. They said:
  1. Nandos isnt clear, the line is wrong should be more about why wecould kill chicken and the hotness maybe degrees of chicken?
  2. Toyota IQ is all wrong (but we knew this by this point anyway...)
  3. Breville is way too gimicky its all too obvious.
  4. Salt and shake seemed a bit studenty (thank god were still students or else we'd be in trouble!)

They did give us some good advice to where we can rent studio space for when we get down here to work on our book if we need it. they also advised us to find the right agencys and really focus on where we want to be. That way we'll get the briefs right.

Well after that one we decided a little break was in order so we went and looked at butterflies, the natural history museum has a special tent with them flying about all over the place so that was a nice change.

After that i got a bit Itchy... I needed to pester someone (lol) so we thought sod it and off to soho we went, Golden Square we've seen many a time and we tried our luck at WCRS, last time in london we took a chance with TBWA and it paid off, so why not try again?

But we failed, WCRS were too busy but we did get a contact out of it so that was good. Then I realised that M&C Saatchi were extremely close by 100m actually but they have nothing telling you that it is there! ( the transport department ad characters gave it away) anyway we tried again and...

SUCCESS! Luke agreed to see us, ah we love the creatives that take a chance on the Ad babies.
He liked what we were thinking and doing but the ideas primarily need to be bigger, MUCH bigger and we can pretty much see it now. Its so strange that without opinions outside of our bubble how things can go soooo wrong OPINIONS ARE FANTASTIC SHARE EVERYTHING!
He liked Lineker. We need more digital. and we mentioned our nandos bird flu D&AD entry. He liked that too.

We've also noticed that the more crits we have the less they actually talk about the work in the book, it turns into pure advice which is good because most of the opinions we've heard before.

After that it was time to go back to the Charlotte street area to visit TBWA again.
We got to meet martin aswell as theo this time which was nice, however we were a little rushed as they had a meeting to go to.

They said:

  • Nandos, the line needs more clarity and it feels too familar but working on the videos is great.
  • Breville works but not without a guide to what the product is.... they suggested a change of product but the only one that came to mind was Smirnoff.
  • Salt and Shake is ok but it needs to be brilliant....
  • We need more campaigns

4 too little 9 too many sooo 6 or 7 seems a safe bet for next time me thinks... if theyre good enough that is.

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