Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Tuesday events...

Well back to Saatchi & Saatchi, we love this place. Rach and Izy came down to talk to us in the coffee bar and we had a really good chat, nandos the website is stronger than the print ads and the print take too long to 'get' we should think more about quick visuals. we should stay away from medical visuals but the line is really nice.

Toyota IQ the logo could be changed into a moph of IQ somehow? but there are alot of car ads that 'play games'

Breville the product isnt out that might cause a problem, a bit too gimicky but they think that breville ould like the idea (good for breville but not for us...)

Salt and Shake they told us that AMV have the account for walkers so that should be fun when we get there later on in the week... the gary lineker stuff is good along with the tv and radio but the rest of the stuff is questionable.

Well after a good chat with the girls we mentioned that we didn't manage to get hold of Brian from last time, one phone call later and Brian was on his way down to the coffee bar to have a look again...

Brian is a great person for crits, hes so to the point and we honestly believe him. To him Breville doesnt make sense and it has to be relevent to the product it has to have water and toast in there somewhere. He did like the adshels tho.
He says our book has definately improved. thinking is good but the executions need to get better...

He wasnt sure about nandos its interesting and he likes the kill it idea but it still needs work them worth dying for nandos makes more sense.

IQ didnt make him want the car, we need to make it more attractive than smart and the yaris and he didnt like the line.

Salt and shake, also intersting but again not sure and doesnt understand the print ads likes it as a concept but not sure about the executions, tvs not good but the linekers good.
See how opinions change even within an agency!?!
Its all good though!

Off to Covent Garden next, its such a nice place to be. DKLW was next on the list and Keith was ready although very busy! Its strange he seemed to like everything and it was rather a short crit, but all he suggested was a couple more campaigns in there and we should come back after graduation and maybe talk about placements if the works still good enough...
He also mentioned a serious subject should be in there somewhere. hmmm thats one to think about.

Kevin At AMV BBDO next, this was a bit of an RKCR Y&R moment the building was not hard to miss... Kevin explained his role in AMV how he is a bit of a go-between with the teams and CD and filters out some of work, he had piles of portfolios and showreels on his desk so we were rather thankful that we had his undivided attention, he didnt say much about the book its self but he asked that we leave our CD for feedback later on as he was going to show some other people (sounds promising but we wont get oour hopes too high!) we may have to send him some other stuff tho cos its changing but more about that later...

Well that was the last crit session of the day officially but later on we went off to the pub with Jai and Wal the lads from Creative in london. It was a really good laugh, we talked about crits placements, ikea trips and dinosaurs (do you remember that childrens programme how cool was that?)

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