Saturday, 26 April 2008

The rest (for now)

Amazingly now, Debbie and I have no crits lined up until may 8th so that means nearly two weeks of so called rest. We say rest as for once we'll be staying in one place. Manchester. But the work is still ongoing, and thankfully the ideas are too!

As for thursday, Karmarama was great, slightly strange location and the building stands out a mile but it is beautiful. A bit of a strange situation awaited Gina and Sarah, we had previously sent some work to karmarama before they brought us in for a crit but between then and the crit we changed our book so we took both along.

This, although it sounds like a bad idea was actually really good as it turns out that some of the ideas they had about our previous book we had actually done for our new book, so it just showed how we were progressing!

We've also got a definate campaign that will be sticking around, it seems our resurection of IQ has worked and they really like it!

Salt and shake needs work again, still not there and im thinking of dropping it in favour of some new ideas that are coming through. Its becoming a bit too USP now.

Gina and Sarah provided us with some really good insights and some great advice that will really take our work forward, and hopefully quickly!

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