Thursday, 10 April 2008

The nerves...

I wasnt nervous for crit week 1. I was looking forward to it, finally outside opinions on work that hadn't really been seen outside of a university studio. But now we have something to prove. Its not begginners work anymore, we've meant to have moved on, learnt something and produced better work because of it.

I dont know whether its because im tired (btw this is Rachel talking) but Im really worried about this set of work. I think its better, no actually I know its better, Debbie thinks its better, our tutors Eric and Liz say its better. And it has moved on BUT is it good enough for out there?, is it good enough for us to get a placement and really get going in this industry?

Im probably worried about nothing, and everything will be fine next week, in fact everything will probably be fantastic next week but in some way I think I know how Juan felt before trucks was aired.

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Anonymous said...

hello girls, being a mancuian myself who has been to the book crits and got the placements, my best advice is when putting a book together every campaign shouldn't tell me something about the product but rather give me a reason to buy it, for example creative gave me a quick glance at his book once and he had a campaign for the national riffle association, on the press he had a picture of a scorpion and it's description with the strap 'It's only natural to defend yourself'.

Apply that to every campaign you do, there was a famous ad for miami ad school that said

her mums mum used persil

her mum uses persil

how can you convince her to buy ariel

And of course never play it safe creatives don't want to see ads that can run.

Stick away from using facebook/ebay or micro-site when doing digital because they are pretty redundant think web 2.0

best of luck