Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The wednesday ritual...

Well, every wednesday (as its orange wednesday) Debbie and I take a break from advertising and head off to the cinema watching one maybe two movies and this week was Step up 2 and Horton hears a who! Step up 2 is pretty much your sequal with the same story line as the original just shaken up a bit, but the dancing was incredible much better than the original.
Horton hears a who is quite strange... very much a kids movie but strangely enough it ws quite disturbing in places! Theres a strange sort of fascist leader kangaroo, which is quite scary and at one stage they even say that its not ok for men to do ballet. Probably me being picky but for a kids movie i was quite worried! Otherwise it is really funny and really beautifully animated!

Also when I got home Wieden and Kennedy had finally agreed a date with us for a book crit yipee!!!! its meant we've to fork out for a hotel stay but thats ok!


BT said...

Best of luck.

Carb Free Creativity said...

Good to see lots of Creatives from Man Met Blogging.

Say hello to Eric for me!


ps I've added a link from our blog.

Rachel and Debbie said...

lol we shall do the same. Thanks for taking a look!