Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Portfolio (update)...

Ok well before I get yabbering on about the book crits I guess you better see what they were on about. I can put these up here now because basically, theyre all going in the bin again. lol yeah we like some of them but as the world of advertising goes they need to be a bit more edgier (does the word edgier exist? well it does now.) Nandos and salt and shake survive with new campaigns and concepts for round three (its starting to sound like a reality show.) but breville and IQ are going into what scamp likes to call the bottom drawer, just in case they are reqiured for something else. like emergency loo roll.

So head on over to the portfolio page for Book number 2.

COMING SOON: new Salt & Shake, new Nandos, Grand national, Slim fast, RSPCA, Alcholism help and something for the energy ombudsman....

P.S we have karmarama crit on thursday talk about being pressured!

UPDATE: IQ may not be dead...we might be able to save it from the loo for a little longer.

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