Monday, 21 April 2008

The now...

Well thats another book in the bin, very useful whilst it was there but we have better ideas coming up now and our turnover time is getting quicker, 1st book was 3 months worth (ish) 2nd book was three weeks worth and book 3, well that we hope to be ready for Thursday. Karmarama get the first look and then we need to decide what we need to do for the up and coming may 8th massacre.

That is where we fit basically a weeks worth of crits into one day. W&K, Lunar BBDO and portfolio night with 6 crits. We are, and are going to be, knackered for the forseeable future but in all honesty we're loving it. Every moment is adding to our love of advertising and making us want it even more. I apologise for the lack of images for the crit blogs this time, we got so caught up we forgot to take piccys!

A HUGE thanks to all the agencies that gave up their time for us this time....and last time and for all the future times.

And apologies for all the text on these posts... they gave alot of advice!

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