Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The quickness...

well we've done it, were not sure how, but we've made a book in less than a week, and the ideas (we think ) are better than the last two books... we'll have to see what karmarama think of it tomorrow but hopefully by the time portfolio night comes round the book should be coming up to scratch.

The new concepts for the brands include:

Nandos "doing it for the nation"
Slim fast "there is another way"
Salt and shake "shake till satisfied"
IQ "intelligent driving"
Energy ombudsman " let someone else do the fighting for you"


Anonymous said...

hiya girls, me again you're probably going to think I'm being really bitchy now but think as this as learning form our experiences of two northerns trying to get a placement

You have a nice variety of products there but could do with more common stuff i.e washing powder, beer and confectionary.

Also your strats don't appear to be giving me a reason to buy the products. Im assuming 'doing it for the nation' means nandos kill the chickens so you don't have to, but in reality I could go to tescos and get a cooked chicken the reason I would want to got to nandos is the special spices or big portions or free top ups on my drink.

As for slim fast don't do the tired route of 'theres easier ways to loose weight' and oh look its a dieting product, why do I need to loose weight is because I have a big family event coming up, do I want to make an ex boyfriend jealous or if I'm fat and manage to make it 50 my life is going to be pretty shit.

Approach every brief if the question why, then entertain me in a way that will never run

Rachel and Debbie said...

Well thanks for the comment and we appreciate the concern for our straplines but assuming gets you nowhere, when we get these ads up here you'll realise that our executions are rather more controversial than you might think! a picture speaks a thousand words...

Anonymous said...

controversial is good but only if the strategy is, you could show me a headless chicken running around with blood squirting out but if it doesn't give me a reason to go to Nandos then it's pointless, trust me girls we've been there and made these mistakes and when the penny drops about how to do ads that get you placements it becomes a hell of a lot easier and fun.

and you're in the advertising game assuming is all we have, we assume the client will like it, we assume the audience will like it and we assume our ideas are good, advertising is unpredictable in its response