Monday, 24 March 2008

The filth of it...

I feel disgusting, filthy, crude and grimey. No its not to do with my feet (although they are bad I know) but adverts. One of our briefs (using that word makes it feel even more dirty...) has called for two girls to get down and dirty, were using sex to sell a product. Even worse we're using porn.

I, being the copywriter has taken it upon myself to write the Radio script. Im shocked and apalled at how many filthy terms and innuendos I actually know! Dont get me wrong the ads quite funny, it will probably get drivers and listeners red in the face hearing the first two lines. But anyway thats not the point.

I feel like eating soap right now.

That plus the revelation this week, that Adeles seemingly innocent chart topper, chasing pavements is actually about rimming makes this one hell of a filthy start to the week.

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