Monday, 17 March 2008

The crits oh the crits...

Ok where to begin.

Altogether we had 8 agencies to see, and we began with Mother. For all our efforts we didnt get much back. we turned up quite wet and windswept and it took us a while to find it but we got there eventually. Claire brought our book down to us but apologised as Stu (the guy asigned to look at our book) was in a meeting and couldnt see us, but she said he would send on our feedback through email.

we're still waiting...

So after a nice home cooked meal from Debbies aunty (god bless her) and a good nights sleep we woke up really (unbelievably) early for Rachel and Izy. Love Saatchi and Saatchis Building, great foyer and lovely reception staff. Rachel and Izy were past students on our course and they began by saying that they thought we had more work and it was presented better than what they had when they were initally going round agencies.

They liked our dividers for the work and the drawings done by Debbie.They thought the Euromillions could be taken further into he and she could be yours and placed as stickers in magazines. They also gave us lots of brief ideas that we could get our teeth stuck into!

On the way out they introduced us to Brian, he was creating in Manchester a long time before us and before we knew it we had cards in our hands and someone to ring tomorrow for another crit, Not bad eh?

So after a long time wandering around two Starbucks, stops a Banksy and Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibiton, Abercrombie and Fitch spending and exploring of covent garden, it was finally time for our appointment at BMB, quite excited for this one.
The reception area was rather daunting, i think we were meant to buzz in but the door was open. when we got to the desk, it was in the middle of everyone who was working! But it wasnt long before Joe came to take us to the meeting room for our next crit. To be continued...

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