Monday, 17 March 2008

The chance that paid off.....

Wandering back from Isobel we found TBWA, not that it was hidden or anything we just didnt think it was that close!

we knew we were gonna be around so we thought we'd try our luck and pop in. Well the receptionist's doubt was obvious but they rang and surprisingly enough we were in luck!

we were sent up to the third floor to meet Theo....

Art diector in his team, he said that our book was better than most he had seen in the past (confidence boost) but overall what was lacking was the BIG campaign (surprise surprise)

  • we need to cut down on our storyboards, weve got too many. Saying that though he did like most of them.
  • He liked the samaritans tv spot but not the print campaign.
  • Blockbuster concept is cool, but the visuals need to be pushed, more extreme.
  • Charity ads like Helen Bamber are too worthy and need to be amazing to go in the book.
  • Its good to have award winning stuff in our book but if it doesnt show how good you are creatively, leave it out.
  • He likes Nandos (another Marmite ad) but needs expanding.
  • Belu was sweet but doesnt totally get it but the visuals are good and the drips ideas good also.
  • We need to get our website up and running!
  • Euromillions was the least favourite on this visit. We need brands that havent had good ads made, we need to prove ourselves. But he said our book was overall solid. Not amazing but solid.

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