Monday, 17 March 2008

The 'I now hate my book' moment....

Day No.2 in the big city and its Publicis to begin with, we were lookin forward to this, and we arrived before Lauren did lol. Theyre office is something to really be desired it was almost like a little den up some stair into their own little world, i loved it, i'd like an office like that one day.

It was from about this moment that we were begginning to hear things we'd heard before and thoughts were being confirmed:

Helen Bamber isnt good enough for a charity ad, especially an unknown one.

  • Charity should be memorable and only be in a book if its amazing.
    We have to remeber we are students, we can do anything! its when we have the job we cant but until we get one..... GO WILD!!
  • An ad should explain itself in two seconds
  • Blockbuster should have more of a film reference, rather than obvious cliches.
  • get into the surprise of it all.
  • All our print ads should be A3 no smaller. (not sure i agree with that one...)
  • Too many charities maybe get rid of a few.
  • One catagory for each ad eg, car, drink, service
  • More ambient for samaritans (same as BMB)
  • Halifax is good but no where near creative enough.
  • They hated Nandos... oh well were gonna change it anyway.
  • TV Ads should have two words per second
  • and we should have three print ads for each campaign. Its a way of seeing if the idea can go far enough.
  • We should stay away from well done brands.

    This is a short list what they said to us,, they were harsh but true. It was this point that we were mentally ripping up pieces of work in our book, but this is what we came for.

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