Saturday, 22 March 2008

The easter pun...

Well here i am again, late night posting... how sad am I? anyways heres the bad easter joke for the year... I'm cracking a brief.

Lol well im trying to anyway, thing is i think im on to a good idea here but with the new cadburys ad coming out on the 28th, and apparently its about trucks having fun. I'm working on a toyota idea and i'm holding my breath and if the ideas the same (probably not but with me you never know) i may tear some hair out.

You see, me and Debbie have a worrying habit.... we keep coming up with ads that have either been done, but not to our knowledge, or our idea appears in another form about a week after we come up with it eg. we did an alotment brief we came up with a statement :alotmentality. a week later what did honda post on their website.... hondamentaltity. yeah yeah your probablity saying its a coincidence but it keeps happening....

Anyways roll on the 29th cos i wanna know if i can do my idea without it looking 'copied'!

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pisspoorenglish said...

I'd put it down to good thinking sometimes!

Ideas are just floating about waiting to be plucked. Given the amount of people around doing the same as us, getting the same briefs, for the same products, it's inevitable people will come up with the same ideas.

Even good ones.

I also think ideas so often come from what's going on around you. Even when you don't realise it. We're all soaking up the same info, which at some point comes back out of us in 'ding ding' form. So it's just trying to get the 'ding' before anyone else!