Monday, 17 March 2008

The deja vu moment....

Back to saatchi and saatchi for the third time, and Brians ready to see us.
Hes quick straight to the point and shows us a few things we hadnt seen before...

  • Blockbuster needs to referenced to films
  • campaigns need to be bigger
  • Poster ads come first
  • Belu he hates, confusing and doesnt make much sense. we start to see flaws in that ad....
  • He likes Euromillions, causing controversy this one, its just like marmite!
  • We need to push ourselves and buy a huge shovel cos we need to dig dig and dig further.
  • He likes the thinking behind blockbuster.
  • Helen Bamber needs explaining, it doesnt say enough.
  • Nandos is fun but needs more, it needs expanding.
  • TV needs to be simple, speak for itself.

    He told it like it was. we liked that.

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