Monday, 17 March 2008

The coolest office....

Well the title speaks for itself.... we had BBH first this morning and we've walked past this office so many times before and this time were going in. when the lift doors open, jaw dropping moment ain't in it. a huge office with glass and smooth surfaces everywhere, its stunning we would have taken photos but it seemed a bit silly to be stood in the middle of the agency taking photos.

Any who, we were met by Jon and we went for our crit, Jon was a very down to earth guy, he said he'd been in the states for a while and i wished we'd asked a bit more about it but never mind....

He said:

  • our books over complicated it needs to be alot simpler ideas and presentation.
  • Samaritans is only scratching the surface, it needs more work. However he thinks that samaritans might not be the best brand for the idea.
  • Blockbusters is great, something made up is great in a book, but the ideas need to be presented in a better way. But a great brand to use, as its losing to the internet revolution of downloading it needs a bit of a boost.
  • Halifax.....BORING (its going, going, gone.)
  • Nandos is a great product for a brief, but our best bit is the last two frames (talking about killing the chickens, brain starts whiring)
  • Belu is too complicated and cadburys is too big a brand and too high profile atm to think of doing. But peace and cadburys is a good thought.
  • Euro millions is a nice simple idea. Line isnt the best but the use of media is great. The posters good be cleverer and it needs a bit more focus
  • But he said overall we should be having fun!!!!

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