Monday, 17 March 2008

The agency with the wii!..

Just like Fallon (we visited a while ago, no crit just visit.) Glue seem to have two offices and we have to say that we like the one we visited. We had to laugh, someone had some fun when naming the buildings round liverpool St station. The Tea and Buiscuit buildings? its obvious why advertising agencies ended up there! And the building was just as good on the inside, big and industrial with goods lifts and hard decoration. We had high hopes for Glue and they didnt let us down although we did feel rather guilty at chucking some creatives out of the meeting room.... sorry. Debbie noticed the Wii in the corner, im thinking it might not be a good agency to get a job with, she'd be on that all day hehe.

But James and Darren. Nice lads, they thought they were harsh but after Lauren and Poppy, they werent close.

  • They said we understood the basics which was nice to see but we were acting to much for the client and not for the job which we had heard oh only about 10 times b4 but thats ok, we'd have been scared if they'd said anything different!
  • Think more about the technicalities of Blockbuster Lucky Dip but otherwise a good idea, and they liked the simple visuals. Inventive stuff should be kept at the back of our book in future, stick to the real stuff at the front. Change the layout of the visuals. He said that the line was the clearest in the book.
  • Sams big ears already been done (damn it!!! but never mind)
  • Halifax is nice but not new.
  • Nandos isn't edgy enough and its more tv than viral (first time we'd heard that), It needs a press ad and it needs something to get people talking.
  • More campaigns, more target market focus, we need to surprise!
  • who is the product aimed at? right now think the opposite... interesting idea.

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