Thursday, 6 March 2008

The beginning....

Well here goes, in theory this is somewhere in the middle of our journey, weve been an established team for a while now and weve been doing loads of briefs but as far haven't ventured out into industry, but now its time and were not going to do it by halves. with a Clearchannel award behind us were doing it, running off to London to get the lowdown on our book.

With only a couple of lecturers and a whole load of other students opinions on our book its rather daunting going out into a world of opinions by people who know the industry inside out and back to front. They know what works, they know whats new and they know when it needs to go in the bin.

How will they pecieve our work? Will they understand it? Most importantly will they like it?

Thats what were going to find out, in the most planned four days of our lives....

Four days, eight crits and a hell of alot of running around! I'd say wish us luck but I think we need more than that!

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