Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The evolution?...

The best ads of the last few years (eg cog, drumming gorilla, balls) have all been epic, and almost none existent on the verbal front. Advertising has become something to watch, something to concentrate on. Were not being told about products anymore, we are expected to figure it out ourselves and even more, the adverts don't even feature the products anymore.

The way that Fallon's new advert has been hyped (it may just be adland but if the guardian are telling the nation its big....) Its becoming more of an event than most of saturday nights telly.

Is the world of advertising turning into the world of events? Its not sell sell sell anymore, its watch watch watch. And in a way it does make sense, if people like watching whats on the adverts then it causes a stir, drumming gorilla as the proof the day after that aired it was being talked about in every office, every playground and viewed on every webpage possible. and cadburys sales showed the result.

But its not just the modern day 'viewing' adverts that were a success. Nescafe and Renault clio, had real viewing potential and drew in millions of viewers for the last intallments of the soap style campaigns.

When people talk about their favourite ads, no one mentions the ones that are all talk and no fun. To remember the ad and remember the brand the ad needs to become more watchable, which inevitably I can see turning into mini films, well i'd say we're almost there already. As creatives we are going to have to turn into film producers? Don't get me wrong I love the ads at the moment but the way the industries going it feels like theres a turn in the road of selling via TV/cinema.

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