Sunday, 30 March 2008

The funniest thing ive seen all weekend...

Being a student in Manchester, One of us lives in fallowfield (a small village that has been completely taken over by students) and one of our local shops is a small tescos... i'll never look at it the same way again! ( i know these are a bit long but bear with it)


Seriously though, this is called flash mobbing and in this case the silent rave. As you can see from the video lots of people come together in a very random place, all select a pre-downloaded playlist from thier ipod and have a rave in well...silence. This time students in Manc chose a tesco local for this event but it has been done in other places on a much grander scale eg. London Victoria Station....


Could this tactic be used in a guerilla ad? could masses of people all taking over a certain place at a certain time with the same interest in common cause such a stir in tune with a related product in mind? Ipods..Music CD's Ive also read about mass running where people just start chasing people or just suddenly start acting like zombies for no apparent reason.
These events usually start on facebook and with brands having their own facebook pages these days it wouldn't be strange to see them try this.


Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

Where's the video? Can't see a link for it?


Rachel and Debbie said...

the vids are right there aren't they? you shouldn't need a link!